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    Dear Parents,

    Sterling City ISD will provide FREE take-home lunches for children 18 years and under beginning March 17, 2020 between the hours of 12 and 1.  Lunches may be picked up at the back door of the cafeteria.  If your child is needing a lunch, please call 325-378-5821 ext. 243 by 10:00 am each morning.   Thank you!



    Estimados padres,

    Sterling City ISD proporcionará almuerzos gratuitos para llevar a casa para niños de 18 años y menores de 17 de marzo de 2020 entre las 12 y las 1 horas.  Los almuerzos se pueden recoger en la puerta trasera de la cafetería.  Si su hijo necesita un almuerzo, llame al 325-378-5821 ext. 243 antes de las 10:00 am cada mañana.   ¡Gracias!


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  • Stay Safe Texas - 04/01/20

    COVID-19 Update 03/31/2020

    COVID-19 Update-31920 

    COVID-19 Update

    Extended Closure - 03172020

    March 12, 2020
    SCISD Family,
    COVID-19 has created an eventful spring break. My wife and I traveled to Virginia and returned a few days early to deal with the situation. There are still many questions that need answers and difficult decisions to be made. However, one thing is for certain after driving through six states in the last three days; there is not a roll of toilet paper on a Wal-mart shelf between Lynchburg, Virginia and Sterling City, Texas!!!
    With that said, SCISD is very serious about addressing this situation factually and logically. Over the past few days, I have been in contact with State, Regional, and local leaders working toward making informed decisions to help keep students, staff, and families safe and healthy. These meetings and conversations will continue through this weekend and over the next several weeks as the situation continues to evolve.
    Based on individual circumstances, some Texas districts have cancelled school or extended spring breaks in upcoming weeks. In addition, many stock shows have been cancelled and this afternoon the University Interscholastic League suspended all UIL sanctioned extra-curricular competitions through March 29, 2020
    As of today, there are NO confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Sterling County. SCISD works daily to fight against infectious diseases and will diligently continue our cleaning regimen. Combating this virus will take a team effort and the importance of hand washing and quality hygiene practices cannot be over emphasized. During the next several weeks, it is extremely important for SCISD students and staff to stay home if they do not feel well and have any COVID-19 symptoms. 
    No decision has been made, but at this point I anticipate a normal return to school on Monday (3-16-2020). Keep in mind, this is an evolving situation that can change quickly. I will keep you posted as I gain more details.
    Best regards, 
    Bob Rauch
    Sterling City ISD 



    March 15, 2020


    SCISD Family,

    Like all of you, I have followed the Coronavirus situation closely. I have been in communication with Local Leaders, Health Officials, the Texas Education Agency, the University Interscholastic League, and other entities over the course of the past week in order to make the most informed decision I possibly can regarding a possible school closure. As you might imagine, different schools in the area and region have several different ideas and thoughts on the “right” answer. Unfortunately, there is not a “perfect” answer – and several options – none of which are ideal. As you might imagine, there are currently more questions than answers.

    The Center for Disease Control and the Texas Education Agency have issued the following: “Unless a School District has a confirmed case of the Coronavirus in your area or region, schools should close for Presumptive and/or Preventive measures only. Decisions to close or remain open are up to each individual school district.” According to the CDC, as of yesterday, there were 51 confirmed cases in 14 counties in Texas. Geographically, the closest confirmed case to Sterling City is in Fort Worth.

    Having taken into account all available information, I have (tentatively) decided on the following, pending further updates from TEA, the CDC, and Local/Regional Authorities:

    Monday, March 16th:             No students are to report

                                                    Administration will notify staff of work duties

    Tuesday, March 17th:             No students are to report

                                                    Administration will notify staff of work duties

    Wednesday, March 18th:       No students are to report

                                                    Administration will notify staff of work duties

    Special Called Board Meeting

    Thursday, March 19th:           All Students and Staff Resume Regular Schedule

    Friday, March 20th:                All Students and Staff Resume Regular Schedule

    Unfortunately, it appears that this situation has and will continue to create uncomfortable and inconvenient scenarios for all of us. As this is obviously a situation of constant change and evolving information, it is quite possible that I will be updating or changing this plan according to current information.  

    We would ask that all students, staff, and visitors to school facilities abide by the recommendations of hand washing, coughing, etc., and to take all suggested precautionary measures if you suspect that you are ill. We also encourage you to please heed any self-isolation and/or quarantine steps if you have any COVID-19 symptoms.

    In accordance with UIL guidelines, all extracurricular contests have been cancelled until the end of this month. Practices will be allowed only on days when school is in session. All field trips and/or school travel outside the District will be postponed until further notice.

    Any student, parent, staff, or community member who has been out of the country, or knowingly exposed to a person or an area of concern is asked to contact the Superintendent’s office before entering any school facility.

    Again, this situation is ever-changing. We will attempt to provide updates via the school website, our phone call system, and Facebook.

    As always, student and staff safety and well-being is our highest priority. Every attempt will be made to continue to provide the very best educational opportunities for each child under our watch, and to do so in the safest manner possible. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation and support during this unprecedented time.

    We all face a potential situation that reaches far beyond our small community in Sterling County. It appears that we are facing an invisible enemy and as of today, Sterling County still has NO confirmed reports or symptoms of COVID-19. With that said, my biggest concern is making sure we proactively address what we do not know and what we cannot currently see in Sterling County. It is important for us not to panic, but we must acknowledge that COVID-19 is real and take proactive actions to minimize its potential impact on our community and families.

    I am reminded of the years that I lived in Beaumont, TX responding to hurricane threats. On two different occasions hurricanes threatened my family and our home. When the warnings came, I was faced with the decision to secure my home and evacuate or take my chances and ride out the storm. Both times, I boarded up our windows, secured our home, evacuated my family and prepared for the worst. Fortunately, in both situations, the illusive hurricanes never hit Beaumont, but I did get to take the jabs from friends and neighbors that took no action and joked about my proactive measures. Unfortunately, years later after we moved, Beaumont took a direct hit from a hurricane and several of our friends and neighbors faced tragic and devastating results in the aftermath. I have never actually experienced a hurricane, but I have experienced the inconveniences of preparing for and protecting my home and family from the reported threats of potentially deadly storms. I really have no way to confirm that those two hurricanes ever actually existed other than news reports. I pray that this COVID-19 ‘hurricane’ does not hit Sterling County, but I hope that our friends and neighbors in Sterling County will be able to acknowledge the warnings and embrace the inconveniences of taking logical, proactive measures to protect our families and community from the potential ‘hurricane’ that appears to be looming.

    A fellow Superintendent recently stated that we may never know if all this proactive preparation is an over-reaction, but the potential consequences of underestimating this threat will be obvious.   

    If you have concerns, questions, or any comments, you are always welcome to contact me at




    Bob Rauch


    Sterling City ISD


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  • Bob the Builder - Scoop Saves the Day

    How to Catch a Unicorn

    Pirates Don't Change Diapers

    Jillian Jiggs

    This video is for educational purposes only. This reading is presented with permission from Scholastic.



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